A better way forward

Mediation Northwest provides solutions to conflict through mediation and facilitation.
We specialize in workplace, divorce, post divorce, and open adoption-related conflicts.

Why Mediation?

  • We put your children first in the divorce mediation process.
  • The parties control the terms of their settlement.
  • Mediation allows relationships to change into productive relationships. Litigation destroys relationships.
  • Mediation allows you to control the time-frame.
  • Mediation is far less expensive than litigation. Mediation is generally two-thirds less expensive than litigation.
“I found Julie to be fair and concise... Julie is great at handling different personalities and left (my ex) and I feeling good about the process.”
~ Divorce Mediation Client

"Over the years, we have tried other mediators and facilitators and you have been the only mediator able to bring about an agreement."
~ Kathy

Spousal Support Matrix

Curious about spousal support awards? Click here to receive each and every spousal support award in Lane County since January 2013.

Our Philosophy

“I created Mediation Northwest because I believe in the power of parties determine the path of resolution in a conflict, not submitting to the arbitrary and capricious will of the court. Mediation Northwest provides an affordable process to address conflict in a productive and resolute manner.” - Julie Armbrust, attorney-mediator

This is our promise to you: We will always put children first in divorce situations.