Adoption & Guardianship Mediation

Mediation Northwest provides adoption & guardianship mediation services. When a birth parent decides to place a child for adoption or guardianship, an agreement can be reached regarding the contact between the birth parent and the adoptive/guardianship family. This agreement can range from information being exchanged on an annual basis to visitation. Each agreement is mediated to meet both parties and the child’s needs.

Mediation Northwest does not provide adoption or guardianship services. Rather, it provides the mediation expertise needed to determine an agreement. All other matters related to the adoption & guardianship must be handled by the parties’ respective attorneys or agencies.

If both parties have agreed that mediation services are appropriate, Mediation Northwest will make an appointment to mediate an agreement. To make an appointment, please contact the office directly at (541) 484-1200 or click below to email us.