Mandatory Parenting Time Mediation

What is Mandatory Parenting Time Mediation?

Some courts require any matter that involves parenting time to attend a mandatory parenting time mediation. This mandatory session can be provided through the court system or through private mediators such as Mediation Northwest.

Why choose Mediation Northwest?

  • We Put Kids First! In our mediations, we always put the child’s best interest first.
  • Our Promise to You. Divorce is difficult and painful. It is almost unbearable when children are involved. We will guide you through the fiery pits of parenting time mediation until we reach the light on the other side.
  • Easy Scheduling. We book clients within 1-2 weeks. You can choose to schedule with our friendly and helpful staff or you can book online.
  • Flat Fee. We bill flat rates, so you know exactly what to expect. No guessing.
  • White Glove Service. Our offices are comfy and clean (unlike court).  You will enjoy the smells in our office (unlike court). We offer beverages and copious amounts of chocolate… and we always have tissues on the ready. We treat our clients like gold!
  • Timely Turn-Around. Your attorney won’t be waiting on us. We will draft a written parenting time plan within one week of settlement.
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Fee Schedule

  • Parenting time mediation* – $700 for each two-hour session (or $350 per person)
  • Written parenting plan – $350 (or $175 per person)
  • Additional services – billed at $320/hour (or $160 per person).

* A minimum two-hour mediation session is required, and the mediation fee is non-refundable.

Parenting Time

In Oregon, “parenting time” means the time each parent may spend with the parties’ child.

Although children are resilient, they appreciate predictable schedules along with frequent and consistent contact with each parent. Consistency and predictability are important factors to children. Parents need to focus on what is best for their child, and not what is best for the parents.

I recommend reviewing our Parenting Plan Guide.  The guide contains the most popular parenting plans and suggestions for holiday time, too. Most clients have found this guide to be extremely helpful in preparing themselves for mediation. I strongly encourage potential clients to review our Parenting Plan Guide prior to mediation. It will educate you and it will guide you through decisions, which saves time and saves money.

Click here to download Parenting Plan Guide
  • Focus on Children:

In Lane County, all parents who have a child 17-years-old or younger are required to take a parenting class called Focus on Children.

  • Suggestions for a Successful Custody and Parenting Time Mediation:

Parties who have discussed their thoughts with each other prior to the mediation regarding custody and parenting time are generally more successful in reaching resolution. Additionally, parents who have fully processed their thoughts about both the standard parenting time schedule and the vacation/holiday parenting time schedule generally save time and money.

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