Spousal Support – How Much and How Long

Spousal Support Data Changes Everything!

I read an informative article about spousal support and immediately thought, “But, what about the data?”

Across the vast majority of states (with the exception of five states), spousal support is discretionary, which means there is no magic formula or calculator to determine spousal support. It also means that it is either up to the parties to agree, or up to the court to determine, how much spousal support is awarded and for how long.  Attorneys and parties end-up negotiating in a vacuum of information and therefore negotiate from speculation, gut, attorney’s best guess, I want, I can’t, etc.

In Oregon, the landscape for negotiating spousal support is changing because, thanks to SupportHound.com, we now have the data!  SupportHound provides attorneys, judges, and parties with the data from actual spousal support awards. SupportHound is a spousal support calculator that uses real cases, parties’ information, and a proprietary algorithm to calculate a fair spousal support award. I use it everyday in my divorce mediation practice and love it!

In Oregon, parties no longer need to negotiate from speculation or gut and instead can negotiation from actual spousal support data.  Would you go buy a car without researching the prices on the internet? Of course not!  Why would anyone negotiate a spousal support payment of several thousand dollars per month without conducting some research into what the data says they should pay (or receive)? Everyone should be conducting research on their impending spousal support award.

The times are changing and the biggest change is having access to data. Data gives you peace of mind that you are getting a fair deal.  I encourage anyone who is negotiating spousal support (in Oregon) to try SupportHound today.