Pre-Divorce ChecklistDivorce

Pre-Divorce Checklist

This is an on-going series on how to prepare yourself for your divorce. This blog’s topic is about getting your OWN credit card. You likely have one or more credit cards. So, why am I making a fuss? I am…
Why Use Mediation? Eugene Oregon | Julie Gentili ArmbrustMediation

7 Divorce Mediation Mistakes

People are generally not the best version of themselves in divorce mediation. So, it is perfectly reasonable for intelligent people to make mistakes in mediation. Here are a few divorce mediation mistakes I regularly see in my office: 1. Tripping over…

Divorce Mediation in Oregon (2nd Edition) is the perfect guide for anyone facing a divorce and the roller-coaster “year of chaos” that follows.

In Divorce Mediation in Oregon (2nd Edition), you’ll be shown step-by-step methods for valuing and dividing of assets/liabilities, tips on retirement accounts, how to handle child and spousal support, and suggestions for custody and parenting time schedules for children. Julie’s direct approach is a quick read that tells you what you need to know to take care of yourself and your family in this difficult time.

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