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Why Use Mediation?

Save Time

Court divorces usually take between 9-18 months. Mediation usually takes between 1-3 months.

Save Money

Court proceedings are 3-5 times higher in cost than mediation. Although most attorneys and mediators charge by the hour, parties who use mediation only pay for one professional (the mediator) and not two dueling attorneys who duplicate work and prepare for every possibility that the other side may put forth.

Reduce Drama

Mediation cuts through the nonsense. In mediation, the parties talk about the problem and the solutions to the problem. No posturing for the other side (which attorneys love to do… and get paid for it). If a party gets off-track, the mediator guides them back to the agenda. If a party has an unrealistic solution that doesn’t take into account both parties, the mediator will reality-check them.

Get Control

When parties submit their divorce to the court to decide, the parties lose control over their future. Mediation requires that both parties agree on the solutions, which means you control your custody arrangements and your support obligations.

Create an opportunity to repair relationships

Although you are getting a divorce, you still need a functional relationship with the other party. Because mediation requires you to work together to determine the terms of your divorce, you learn different ways to interact and communicate. You also create future expectations for how the party will interact with you.

Contact Mediation Northwest to discuss your divorce options

If you are considering mediation, Mediation Northwest can help you assess whether mediation is the right choice for your situation. Mediation has a very high success rate and can be an excellent option for most couples.

No one looks forward to a messy, drawn out divorce. That’s why Mediation Northwest wants you to know that there are other easier and less expensive alternatives to a full-blown trial. We have no desire to drag our clients through a long and unnecessary court proceeding. We are honest with our clients and advise them to use the process that best suits their needs.

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