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Eugene Oregon Mediation Lawyer

Why Use Mediation?

In order to do that, you need a compassionate divorce mediation process that minimizes drama and maximizes value – all while keeping the emotional health of your family top of mind.

The problem is: divorce court pits two sides against each other, which ends up wasting a ton of time and money.

Even worse: it puts you and your family through even more emotional stress.

At Mediation Northwest, we believe you deserve better than going through the hell of divorce court.

No one has to be “wrong” and there doesn’t need to be “sides.”  You just need a clear path that allows everyone to move forward.

That’s why attorney Julie Gentili has spent over 20 years helping families just like yours move towards a brighter future: fairly and efficiently.

When you work with our boutique divorce mediation firm, Julie will tell you exactly what issues you’ll need to address together, the advantages and disadvantages of the choices available to you, and help you finalize the process without taking a single step into a courtroom.

Here’s how it works:


Contact us or Set up a consultation

Ask your spouse to contact Mediation Northwest and confirm their consent to mediate

We will contact both parties to schedule a 2-hour mediation appointment

Contact Mediation Northwest to discuss your divorce options

If you are considering mediation, our boutique divorce mediation firm can help you assess whether mediation is the right choice for your situation. Mediation has a very high success rate and can be an excellent option for most couples.

No one looks forward to a messy, drawn out divorce. That’s why Mediation Northwest wants you to know that there are other easier and less expensive alternatives to a full-blown trial. We have no desire to drag our clients through a long and unnecessary court proceeding. We are honest with our clients and advise them to use the process that best suits their needs.

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