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Is Oregon 50/50 in divorce?
April 8, 2024

Is divorce 50/50 in Oregon?

My team fields the, “Is divorce 50/50 in Oregon” question at least twice a day. The answer is more complicated than a yes or a no. Let’s dive into if divorce is 50/50 in Oregon.Oregon is surrounded by Washington and…
Divorce Mistakes
March 4, 2024

Divorce Mistakes

Divorce is difficult and draining. Once you make it through it, there are additional tasks you should complete to protect yourself. Unfortunately, most folks are so emotionally and financially drained from the divorce that they forget to complete the additional…
Co-Parenting Hacks
October 25, 2023

Co-Parenting Hacks

I know a lot of co-parenting hacks because I’ve been a divorce mediator for over twenty years and I am also a co-parent. Keep reading for concrete steps help you navigate co-parenting like a rock star. Shared Calendar. In my…
Steps of Divorce Mediation - oregon divorce mediation northwest
October 11, 2023

The 5 Steps of Divorce Mediation

In every consultation I am asked, “What are the steps for a successful divorce mediation?”  After you have selected your divorce mediator, you initially feel relief, which is immediately followed by a panicked thought: “Now what?”  With over 24 years…
why getting divorce
October 25, 2022

Why am I getting a divorce?

I am routinely asked by the husbands in my divorce mediation practice, “Why am I getting a divorce?” They are genuine and truly have no idea why their wives are asking for a divorce. I  then approach the wives and…
oregon Divorce Mediation Mistakes- oregon divorce mediation northwest
October 6, 2021

7 Divorce Mediation Mistakes

People are not always the best versions of themselves during the divorce process—and sometimes that includes during the divorce mediation process.  At Mediation Northwest, I like to keep the process as simple and as pleasant as possible for both parties.…
Pre-Divorce Checklist - Julie Gentil - eugene oregon divorce mediation
July 21, 2021

Pre-Divorce Checklist

The divorce process can be long, drawn-out, and overly complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.  At Mediation Northwest, we help Oregon couples through divorce mediation, allowing both parties to work with our experienced mediator to get a fair deal…
Divorce without Drama

Divorce without Drama is the perfect guide for anyone facing a divorce and the roller-coaster “year of chaos” that follows.

In Divorce without Drama, you’ll be shown step-by-step methods for valuing and dividing of assets/liabilities, tips on retirement accounts, how to handle child and spousal support, and suggestions for custody and parenting time schedules for children. Julie’s direct approach is a quick read that tells you what you need to know to take care of yourself and your family in this difficult time.

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