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Divorce Mediation in Oregon: Who is it for?

By April 27, 2022February 21st, 2023Divorce, Mediation

If you live in Oregon and are thinking about getting a divorce, divorce mediation is an option you should consider. No matter how long you have been married or your assets, mediation almost always produces better results.

Here at Mediation Northwest, we have over 20 years of experience helping Oregon couples mediate their divorce.

We have found that divorce mediation is best for couples who want to:

  • Maintain a positive relationship (personal or professional)
  • Be in control of the divorce process from beginning to end
  • Divorce quickly and for less

From our divorce mediator, Julie Gentili, here is why divorce mediation is far superior to divorce litigation.

Divorce mediation is for couples willing to collaborate

Let’s face it: divorce sucks, no matter the circumstances. Even in the most amicable and collaborative divorce, emotions run high at some point, and when emotions run high, the litigation process makes a divorce much worse than necessary.

Since mediation bypasses the court system, couples are in control of their process, their terms, and their timelines.

In divorce mediation, both parties work together to come to a mutually-beneficial solution. The final negotiated agreement is about the couple’s unique needs. 

For couples that want to maintain a positive relationship – to co-parent, run a business, or simply remain friends – mediation is always the way to go. 

With litigation, there is a winner and a loser. In divorce mediation, we work together to meet everyone’s needs.

Mediation is for couples who want to divorce quickly and at a lower price

A traditional divorce through the court system can take a year or more. But even the most complex divorces only take a few months to complete in divorce mediation.

The shorter timelines with divorce mediation also result in far fewer expenses.

Plus, at Mediation Northwest, clients receive a flat-fee package upfront. They know exactly what they are paying for and why. This helps alleviate unnecessary stress for the couple so that they can focus on the conditions of their divorce rather than ever-increasing attorney fees.

In short, divorce sucks, litigation makes it suck more, and divorce mediation makes it suck less.

Contact Mediation Northwest for a consultation in Oregon today

Divorce mediation almost always produces better, more amicable results than litigation – clients are satisfied, children are happy, and businesses continue to flourish.

Yes, divorce can be messy, but mediation prevents it from being ugly. Here at Mediation Northwest, our clients never see the courthouse. We handle all aspects of the divorce, from beginning to end, in a timely manner (and at a flat rate). Mediation is our focus, and we work hard to handle your divorce with care and compassion. 

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