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Divorce / Separation Document Checklist

Most couples in a divorce (or separation) find the unknown extremely stressful. You are not supposed to know how to get through a divorce. Hopefully, this will be your first and last divorce. The first step to unbundling the unknown is to get your ducks in a row and learn what you have. I’ve written a Divorce / Separation Document Checklist to help you figure out what you have and how to value everything.

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Valuing your assets in divorce

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How to determine your debts in a divorce

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6 mistakes to avoid when dividing-up retirement in a divorce

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Divorce is anxiety, sadness, and frustration. It can feel as if everyone is against you. As a man, even thinking about going to a female divorce mediator wasn’t the plan. But I had information that Julie would be professional, skilled, non-judgmental and fair. My experience with her was confirmed 110%. Her demeanor toward both of us made the difficult process far easier, less stressful and extremely efficient. Thank you, Julie.

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