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Dealing with the cost of a prenup / premarital agreement can be stressful. To reduce that stress, we offer our clients flat fee package. Flat fees help contain the drama and keep the wallet in check. And, most importantly, flat fees prevent the attorney/mediator from unnecessarily “working the file” to earn (i.e. charge you) more money.

Premarital / Prenup Mediation

(This package is intended for couples who need to change their spousal support order)
Hourly Price
Mediation $1,200
Client email, phone calls, messages $400
Drafting documents $800
Editing  documents $600
Signing and finalizing process $267
Hourly price total
Package Price

$1,500 each

(or $3,000 total)

My fiance’ & I used Julie to mediate our prenup and the entire experience was excellent! Communication from Julie & her staff was clear & timely and the process was neutral & straightforward. Julie’s demeanor throughout was refreshingly positive and made it easy for us to come together with a comfortable agreement. I would absolutely use Julie again. I highly recommend her! Thanks Julie

  • * Limited to Oregon
  • * Mediation Northwest reserves the right to accept or reject cases


Divorce without Drama

Divorce Without Drama is the perfect guide for anyone facing a divorce and the roller-coaster “year of chaos” that follows.

In Divorce Without Drama, you’ll be shown step-by-step methods for valuing and dividing of assets/liabilities, tips on retirement accounts, how to handle child and spousal support, and suggestions for custody and parenting time schedules for children. Julie’s direct approach is a quick read that tells you what you need to know to take care of yourself and your family in this difficult time.

Book Cover

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