Why Choose a Mediated Divorce?

Save Time

Court divorces usually take between 9-18 months. Mediation usually takes between 1-3 months.

Save Money

Court proceedings, on average, are 4-5 times more expensive than mediation.

Reduce Drama

Mediation cuts through the nonsense. We will handle everything from beginning to end. We will even go to court for you!

Get Control

In mediation, you control your custody arrangements and support obligations – not the courts.


A Better Way to Divorce

Divorce is difficult. Mediation Northwest offers a more compassionate process than court, where you control the outcome and the cost.

We put your children first and provide a process designed to reach a fair solution.

We handle everything from beginning to end… we even go to court for you.


"I found Julie to be fair and concise... Julie is great at handling different personalities and left (my ex) and I feeling good about the process."


"You were great at helping us keep our emotions out of separation, and we both got what we wanted through your wonderful mediation skills."


"Over the years, we have tried other mediators and facilitators and you have been the only mediator able to bring about an agreement."


"Julie is fair to both parties and able to use her skills to assist in the resolution to an otherwise bad situation. After the mediation is over you can hold your head high knowing you did it right."