Parenting Time Coordination

Parenting Time Coordination helps families who can't agree

Some divorced parents see the world so differently that it impacts their ability to co-parent and make decisions regarding their child. Parenting time coordination reduces costs (i.e. you are paying one party to make a decision, not two attorneys to fight about it and then eventually present it to the court), gives a more immediate decision (days vs. months), reduces overall conflict, and keeps the child’s best interests at heart.

A court orders Mediation Northwest to be your Parenting Time Coordinator.

You call or email when you have a parenting time disagreement.

I interview each party to understand the disagreement.

I make a temporary decision (which can be appealed to the court).

Divorce is anxiety, sadness and frustration. It can feel as if everyone is against you. As a man, even thinking about going to a female divorce mediator wasn’t the plan. But I had information that Julie would be professional, skilled, non-judgmental and fair.

My experience with her was confirmed 110%. Her demeanor toward both of us made the difficult process far easier, less stressful and extremely efficient.

Jim W.

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