Mediation Northwest helps parties move through a divorce

with grace, not malice. We put your children first and provide

a fair process designed to reach a fair solution. We will handle

your divorce from beginning to end. We even go to court for you.

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Our promises to you.

  • We promise to handle your divorce from beginning to end. We will even go to court for you.
  • We promise to put your children first in the mediation process. All parents agree that your children will feel loved and have solid relationships with each parent.
  • We promise a more compassionate process than court.
  • We promise to inform you of your choices and allow you to mutually agree upon the decisions of your divorce.
  • We promise you will be in control of the time frame.
  • We promise to answer your calls and emails within one business day (or earlier).
  • We promise a less expensive divorce than two competing attorneys.
  • We promise that we will advise couples how to achieve a fair division of assets and debts.



Julie’s Guide to Divorce Mediation

Julie’s book is the perfect guide for anyone facing a divorce and the roller-coaster “year of chaos” that follows. You’ll be shown step-by-step methods for the valuing and dividing of assets and the handling of child and spousal support, as well as be given tips on addressing retirement accounts, the custody of children, and even the ways one can achieve a divorce in the first place.

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“Julie, thank you for making the process of my divorce so much easier than I thought it would be. I greatly appreciate your knowledge, experience, honesty and talent for getting the job done as quick and painless as possible”


“Julie, Words cannot express how thankful I am to have found you to handle this very difficult change in my life. You are amazing at what you do and I truly felt comfort, strength, and support from you… and that you had my best interest at heart!”